Bar/Restaurant Opening


With the grand opening of a new bar and restaurant, you’re going to want to leave your guests feeling welcome and eager to come back. The service and food quality are obvious ways to do this, but giving a little something extra to customers will show them that you really care about them and their business.

Cups Runneth Over
An essential at any bar/restaurant is cups, and menu covers. Some of them should follow the sports theme to get everyone in the team spirit. Items that they can use at the bar and then take home will help keep the memories alive. Flyer/buffet kits are great, too, because patrons can use the stadium cups, plates and utensils while there and then bring the flying disc home to the kids

Fun Stuff
Of course, no sports bar promotion would be complete without a whole load of fun giveaways. Think mini footballs for wannabe quarterbacks, nuts for the sports nuts, shot glasses on beads, LED badges and, even a hula skirt for your beverage. More expensive items, such as a digital frame should also be available. Like we said, think fun.

Sign Here
In the end, despite all the giveaways on opening day, you want your customers to pay the check. Give patrons sports-themed pens to sign their bills and also to take away in their purses or jacket pockets. Then, when someone asks them to jot down great eateries, they can use the pens to recommend your restaurant as one of their favorites.

Cups Runneth Over
Ultra-thin Counter Mat/Wall Calendars
Ultimate Flyer
17oz-Reusable Clear Plastic Cups
Menu Cover
Fun Stuff
Shot Glass Bead Necklace
Ice Bucket Sleeve
Sign Here
Check Presenter
Counterfeit Detector Pen
Mint Chocolate Thins
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